Essential Tips for Entreprenuers

We see tons of products in the market place. There is an app or service for everything. With so much for a consumer to choose from here are some things to ponder:
1. How is my product different from the global market place?
2. Who are my competitors, everyone has a competitor, trust us we can think of 20 flash sale sites, etc. This actually would make your product or service a lot better,  if you know what your competitors were or not doing.
3. Are you giving your customers the absolute best in customer experience?Crowded market place people will leave quickly because of poor treatment.
4. Have you invested time to speak at Trade shows, festivals, colleges and university clubs. Hold Twitter or Google Plus Chats. Many companies with high returns, for the first year founders spoke every where, so much that in some cases, I felt when they got married or had a child. I should have given them a gift.
5. Do you attend trade shows? Most investors and buyers go to trade shows with the specific intention of making an investment or buying for there stores.
6. Are you treating your business as a real business? Many businesses that were started by college students often have that club type of mentality, which when you plan to scale and hire outsiders can hurt your business. Several VC's and Board members, have had to fire founders and CEO's because they could not get out of college think start up mode.
7. Have you failled at anything? I would be skeptical in investing in anything that someone had a perfect track record all the time. In a world of uncertainty you need to have overcome something to prove that you are reslient.
8. Lastly, thinking outside the box does not mean a bizarre product or marketing scheme, it simply means capturing an market that no one is exploring.
9.Character should be first, but none wants to be associated with someone who rips people off or sells bad goods. We all make mistakes if an investor asks if you need to tell them something it probably is because something related to your character has been brought to their attention.
Those are our two cents...Wishing all potential founders and co founders the best.

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