Eventplanning Skills for Startups

A well known Producer told me if you can't plan a simple panel or party because everyone likes a good party, then how is a studio going to trust you will 100 million dollars to make a movie.

This philosophy should be the case in the Tech and Start Up world. Every VC or Accelerator program should require the company they are looking to invest in to plan an event before they write a check.

Having 10 years of event planning experience it teaches you the following
1. Negogiation Skills:
You need to negotiate everything from venue space, to underwriting costs, etc.
2. Problem solving skills:
Such as developing continency plans, the what if factor goes a long way.
3. Confidenality and Trust:
When working with certain speakers, especially C level speakers, they will allow their assistants to handle everything, treat every conversation or email with the utmost respect and it is already understood that there is an unofficial confidentality clause. This develops trust among your circle and industry.
4.Extreme attention to detail:
Many people often notice small details, did the wait staff know what they were serving, down to adequate toliet paper in the bathroom. 
5. Customer Service:
Planning events you need to please the internal and external customer. Some guests have long commutes and will show up early because a bus or train may only come once an hour or plane came in early and cant check into their hotel.
Make certain you have a reverse green room for guests to sit one hour before the event starts. Some people are very demanding this develops thick skin and teaches you how to deal with difficult personalities.
6. Product Knowledge:
It makes you a master of your product and your competitors.
7. Master Researcher:
Are you going to invite a person to speak while a competitor in the same space is underwriting the entire event.
8. Time Management:
This is crucial, every thing needs to timed out to the last second because a speaker may need to catch a plane, the venue charges overage or time and a half to you to pay their employees
9. Customer Experience
Did your customer or audience member walk away with great information, or great conversation with other guests, did the venue deliver in terms of comfort level to your guests?

Like the producer said if you can't plan a simple panel or party, then you should not be trusted with millions.


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