Math and Science?

Many of my naturally gifted friends in math and science say that you need a  hard core math and physics background to succeed in the Digital enviornment and to know how to code.

But, is this really true many computer coding programs are to me on the user friendly side.

So why do you need a STEM Education?

In order to have utlitity for your products or services STEM education, prepares you for the rigor of 5 step scientific method of questioning and testing a hypothesis in a control setting before bringing it to market.

Or in social sciences you need to have a thesis and know how to use data sets to determine consumer behavior, this is  done in stats, which is the base of marketing.

So yes STEM or what was basic education is needed in all areas of life especially technology, because you can't continue to run your IT Dept from Remote locations.

If I were a VC I would need to see all both co founders have some technical skills and some fundamental understanding of STEM.

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