Technology Resources for Non Techie

In 2010 it use to two founders who had acess to capital would out source all technology to other countries.

As the job market becomes fierce everyone needs to learn the basics of HTML, Java, Ruby on Rails, and UX design.

The good thing is that with the technology field opening up there are more opportunities to get this training.

Here are a few resources that those living in a major city can use:
1. GA General Assembly has partnered with the Opportunity Fund to provide scholarships for those who want to learn coding and UX which is essential for building prototypes.
2. Code Academy teaches anyone any where the essentials of coding which is a universal skill.
3. Codify actually has bootcamps for people who want to learn how to code.
4. StartUp Institute also brings people up to speed with technical skills needed to find and maintain jobs in this new economy.

So it is no longer the case that you need an expensive degree or the need to outsource to get the skills you need to make your dreams come true.


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