The Upside of Beauty

When I started to write about the beauty market, I was 310 lbs. and yellow nailpolish was unheard of in fact high end make up was still a major secret.

Fast forward to 2015, everyone woman wants to feel and look glamourous, when I take the subway you would think that you were at a model convention.

I find out great ways to use clip ons hair extensions in different colors, how to achieve the foil metallic nail through You Tubers and women on the subway.

Most VC Men have asked me have women become more vain? Not at all, more women want to look and feel good for self esteem reasons. At any price point women will continue to want to look their best.

You can get that bright blue upper lid like Kerry Washington for 3.00 with a dollar coupon from Rimmel London.

Even though there are trends women  with the nude face, many women are gravitating towards color trends, simple to uplift their moods.

So for long haul the beauty market will continue to see an explosion especially in color, natural and organic hair care.

And fast forward 2015,  I am down 138 pounds.

Love my beauty products!

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