Ricky's The Next Big Thing In Beauty

Most people know that Sephora and Ulta have the market when it comes to beauty specialty stores.

However, there is one store that will eclipse them all and that is Ricky 's.
Ricky's use to be known for the go to place for Halloween costumes and some sex toys.

Not anymore!!
The store has something for everyone from Oscar Blandi blow out demonstrations, to selling Pop of Colors nail polish from a Real House Wife, to new beauty products specifically for ethnic hair care needs.

Ricky's has  included all groups and I love the clip on hair extensions made by Layla from Deal or Deal Fame.

Ricky's also has a professional section where licensed beauty professionals can buy beauty tools and have take continuing education classes.

Sex toys they have plenty of those with a joint venture from Babeland. They also continue to have great Halloween costumes.

Whatever your needs Rickys has it and recognizes the beauty needs of all people.

Kudos to Ricky's!!

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