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The Power of Consistency

Many companies love using the tag line "on brand", but what does that mean.I can tell you the power of being consistent, will always get you more repeat customers and have the best people work for you.What is consistency?Consistency is always being respectful to your employees, your internal customers-vendors  and external customers purchasing customers.Also it is not tolerating a culture of superiority, my mother told me when I was first started to work  be nice to everyone the moment you enter the building.Treat everyone especially the janitorial staff with respect, they are the ones who  hear and know the most within a physical location.In retail every customer is royalty no matter what they look like, you never know whose ones parents are or who is married to whom.Every small client is a big client in waiting, people often remember how you treat them when they were starting out in life and the toughest emotion to get over is rejection, so if you have to let some down do …

Digital Media:Finding the Right Fit for Your Company

Many executives are confused what form of digital media to use when?Here's my take:
If you are in the following fields:
Fashion, Beauty: Use Instagram,  Pinterest then link your physical publication from those posts. Also use You Tube  and Periscope for tutorials and to livestream your Fashion Shows or Product Launches.We no longer do Beauty Spots on this blog because most people want instant pics that they can go to the store easily and purchase so we use Instagram instead and it is a win/ win every time. Media: Gaming, TV,  Movies:
Use Snapchat and the Vine for teasers for future releases and to purchase products and movie tickets, For Contests Twitter gets the most traction among Millienials and Gen Z.Automotives: Cars, Bikes, Motorcylces
Instagram linked into a You Tube  or Vine video.
Twitter is great for specials and to reach a wider audience that has a link to the new comercial.Many companies use Facebook for mass promotions and Twitter for paid advertisements, but your so…

Using Foundation Knowledge to Score A Tech Job

Many people would love to get great jobs at the hottest startups up they are not engineers.This is what we learned by attending MobileWeek 2015 and TechDay NY.Many people who are hiring in the startup World do not need to staff with 150 engineers, that is absurd. Five years ago they would tell you this as either a deterent or to see if you had the chops to go into the high stakes game.If you have what I call foundation knowledge:
Marketing/Social Media
Research and Design
Retail/MerchandisingI can easily say there is a job for you in tech. Five years ago there were only a couple of players that could easily go to friends or alumni groups and staff up.However with even mature companies having a digital arm or entire division it is easy for people to get jobs and keep jobs within the tech field.So, invest your time and really search out what industry within tech that would be a win/win fit.Cheers to using your foundation knowledge to get your dream job in tech.

Were Are Back!!

So what have be up to?Our health, what I learned that you really need to take care of ourselves. It started really great this winter then at the end of March, I woke up to a standard sore throught then it just escalated, then I would have panic attacks for no reason.Hence the doctor, antibiotics are great because and untreated viral infection can have you thinking the Easter Bunny is real.But, things were still a little off so I had my doctor do a complete blood panel on me, this is so interesting. It turns out that my body does not naturally produce vitamin B 12, which protects the nervous system.With a proper red meat free diet and B 12 shots and execerise, I am in repair and feel amazing.Of course we had to slow our speed and turn down some invites but our health thanked us for it.So if you are always feeling sluggish and no energy or moody, then it could be as simple as getting vitamins.Cheers to Spring Health!!

Big Week in Tech

Mobile technology and apps are through the rough. But what does the future hold for Mobile Technology?We will find out on Monday at Mobile Week 2015.
Everyone is talking about the lack of women in Tech, well on Wednesday at Tribeca Film Festival, we will hear from the brightest women in Tech at Innovation Day.Then that night we will learn about what it truly takes to be develop and market the exploding market of gaming.We close the week at Pier 92 when on Thursday it is all about the latest and new companies in Tech that are taking over the city if not country.So, we had some time to load up on our Vitamin C so we can bring you the latest in tech.Cheers!!!

Spring Break Alert

Hi Postive Peeps,We are currently on Spring Break, actually prepping for conferences. So when we return, it is the recap from Mobile Week, NYC Tech Day, The Future of Fashion and more.Thanks for being patient and being positive!Heart everyone,

On the Lighter Side: Spring Beauty Picks

Spring is here and we all want to look good.As far as beauty here are our picks.
Use bright colored eyeliner for your top lid.
Evening RosegoldLips
Covergirl has this new product Lip Lava, which is high pigmented lip gloss, which is amazing because you dont need to do any retouching at all.Nails
Magenta, Deep Purple, and Red for the night.
Nudes for the day or business events.
Beach days seafoam and blues.Hair
Braid wet hair and use a sea kelp product and you have great beach and summer hair.Skincare
Sun screen with a hat
SK II mask every week.Cheers to looking the best this Spring and Summer!