The Power of Consistency

Many companies love using the tag line "on brand", but what does that mean.

I can tell you the power of being consistent, will always get you more repeat customers and have the best people work for you.

What is consistency?

Consistency is always being respectful to your employees, your internal customers-vendors  and external customers purchasing customers.

Also it is not tolerating a culture of superiority, my mother told me when I was first started to work  be nice to everyone the moment you enter the building.

Treat everyone especially the janitorial staff with respect, they are the ones who  hear and know the most within a physical location.

In retail every customer is royalty no matter what they look like, you never know whose ones parents are or who is married to whom.

Every small client is a big client in waiting, people often remember how you treat them when they were starting out in life and the toughest emotion to get over is rejection, so if you have to let some down do it with ease and kindness.

Bottomline a company that has a consistent corporate culture both internal and external are going to be able to capture new markets and maintain an existing loyal consumer base.

Cheers to consistency!

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