Using Foundation Knowledge to Score A Tech Job

Many people would love to get great jobs at the hottest startups up they are not engineers.

This is what we learned by attending MobileWeek 2015 and TechDay NY.

Many people who are hiring in the startup World do not need to staff with 150 engineers, that is absurd.

Five years ago they would tell you this as either a deterent or to see if you had the chops to go into the high stakes game.

If you have what I call foundation knowledge:
Marketing/Social Media
Research and Design

I can easily say there is a job for you in tech. Five years ago there were only a couple of players that could easily go to friends or alumni groups and staff up.

However with even mature companies having a digital arm or entire division it is easy for people to get jobs and keep jobs within the tech field.

So, invest your time and really search out what industry within tech that would be a win/win fit.

Cheers to using your foundation knowledge to get your dream job in tech.

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