Were Are Back!!

So what have be up to?

Our health, what I learned that you really need to take care of ourselves.

It started really great this winter then at the end of March, I woke up to a standard sore throught then it just escalated, then I would have panic attacks for no reason.

Hence the doctor, antibiotics are great because and untreated viral infection can have you thinking the Easter Bunny is real.

But, things were still a little off so I had my doctor do a complete blood panel on me, this is so interesting. It turns out that my body does not naturally produce vitamin B 12, which protects the nervous system.

With a proper red meat free diet and B 12 shots and execerise, I am in repair and feel amazing.

Of course we had to slow our speed and turn down some invites but our health thanked us for it.

So if you are always feeling sluggish and no energy or moody, then it could be as simple as getting vitamins.

Cheers to Spring Health!!

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