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The Power of Release

You ever wanted something so bad it made you sick or was in a situation that you thought was so horrible you whined to anyone who would hear?Chances are you are probably stuck in that same situation.We have found when we released negative situations and stop obessing about things, things normally work out faster and better.When we first started this publication we got a message from a prominent financial adviser to do a story about saving money planning parties.We costed everything, we got our coupons,  bought everything  and set up as though it was real party with pics and everything, only to have our article rejected at the last minute.Devastated, someone told me to send in the reciepts and demand they pay, no I didn't do it. I wished them well and kept moving.The one thing I can tell all entreprenuers or any one in a creative field. If you can not deal with rejection find something else to do, for every major success there will be 50 rejections behind that, the key is to releas…

Real Estate Spotlight : LES

I am certain that most real estate developers in Manhattan are scrambling to buy all the property in the Lower East Side.After all it is the two train stops from Brooklyn, and literally right next to the Willansburg bridge.I can remember when my niece and nephews were going to Chinese School in that area you had to book a year in advance at Congee Village for the month of February and you can bring your own drinks at Vanessa Dumplings.What has changed?
1. The DL is the rooftop hot spot to have all your rooftop events and dinner with your friends downstairs.
2. The many galleries and POP UP shops we visited during Fashion Week.
3. The 100 year Jewish deli Russ and Daughters that got a complete makeover, yet the food is as fresh and authentic as before, recipes have not changed.
Speaking of food the Brooklyn favorite Pies and Theighs just opened up another store in LES
4. Feeling frisky with your siginficant other then stop by Babeland for all your intimate needs and they do have classe…

Our Mid Year Delights

Every year mid way through the year we think about the things that really got us excited.Beauty
Garnier Charcoal Face Wash
Elio All Natural Lip Balm
CoverGirl Lip Lava Lip Gloss
Clinique Concealer and FoundationPerfume/Cologne
By far CREED amazing!!! see Victor at Saks, great sales person.Experiences
Daybreaker Morning Dance Party
Breakfast at the track before the races
All of the tech expos Best Apps
Cheeked Dating App (Real Time plus Tech Dating)
House Tab leave the wallet at home ideal for men and women's night out or if you are responsible for company night's.Best Food
Luke Lobster has a shrimp roll which is great.
Mast Brothers Chocolate which is amazing especially with the factory tour.
Los Toros which is a Mexican place that has the best chicken and beans and rice.I am certain we are missing someone and if so we apologize.But these are our delightful things so far...Cheers!!!!

Guide to Summer Home Invites

You worked hard and your boss or investor has invited you to their summer home.What do you do?1. Treat this as a test have fun, but invites like this determine who gets promoted,  more funding, who gets recommended for a board seat and who is the next in line for CEO position.2. You do want to offer a gift to them when you first arrive, depending on your position use discretion. If you are a middle manager, dont buy something that costs more than your salary.
Crystal, champagne, flowers, coffee table books that are related to his or her hobby or position.3. Significant other, the invite will be for a plus only. So you better bring your smart, graceful, and non porn Star looking significant other this applies for both sexes.4. Treat all wait staff extremely polite by not being rude, sloppy, inconsiderate in terms of using 3 towels and leaving water all over the place after showering.5. Dinner is summer formal wear, and dont think his wife is not taking notes as well.6. At some point yo…

Storytelling and Your Business

Now that Mad Men has officially ended, I am certain that someone in B School has order the entire series to hone in on the marketing story.Here is why "storytelling" in business has and will never work because it implies lying.Since 2001, 2008, etc. hackers exposing confidential email of top execs, only to find out they were lying, storytelling and business just does not work.But, then what does???
Having a narrative, narrative with a creative brief gives marketers and advertising execs, the right to construct an important message to sell products, gain trust of new customers and remind old customers to buy again.Copywrighters have to be comedians?
Anyone who has studied Comedy 101, knows that all comedy is based in deep rooted pain, so NO if you are not naturally funny, the public views those messages as being assine.In order to sell your creative team has to naturally construct a narrative that is credible, smart and clever that people wont be oversold on the entertainment…

Charity Spotlight: Domestic Hunger

If you turn on the television Rachel Ray just celebrated her 9 million meals show, Mario Batalli, The Chew challenges his celebrity friends to live of of 42.00 a day, and Top Chef Tom Colichicco has gone to Congress and fought for a new farm Bill.You say in my neighborhood there is no one eating out of a garbage can. But hunger has many faces, if you notice your neighbor who lost her high paying job and unemployment ram out and all of sudden he or she looks extremely skinny and does not remember things it is because they go to bed hungry every night.Why is hunger such a big issue now?
Since 2008 many people cant go back to their regular pay scale and some at 60 have aged out of the job market, but the prices of food has dramatically increased. Which, brings us to healthcare many hungry people, once have the means to afford food, often by force of habit go to unhealthy carbs and dessert foods because that's will sustain them longer, but it causes diabetes, heart disease, eye ulcers…

Our Conclusion of Tip Sheets for Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to work at a startup and everyone wants to start some thing.
Over 80 percent of the hot startups will fail within the 2 years and some people will be deemed unemployable.

1. They do not conduct themselves as proper business owners, if you are invited to be on a panel, write out all of your notes and have legal re read them.
I was covering a panel and was appalled that a founder admitted to hiring a convicted felon for running a college drug ring. Many people later on said they would never work for that company and it sounded as though they needed a new supplier.
These jokes can get people into a lot of trouble and ruin a business and a persons reputation.

2. On the topic of jokes you don't know who knows who and who is married, engaged or is a daughter to whom.
So making racial, sexual, political, jokes in a workplace or co working space is not appropriate. In some cases can cost you your VC funding.

3. The lack of manners, no one is going to ever say I hate that pe…

Tech Day NY Recap

On a cold April day thousands of New Yorkers lined up to get a glispe of the future.It was NY Tech Day, which are free demo days in national cities, Dahlia who is Director of Community caught up with us to give us the reason for NY Tech Day.She told us that this day came out of theb)b need to bring startups, investors, job seekers and mature businesses together to give them an opportunity to showcase their business, fínd investors and employees. This is the fourth year and biggest year in terms of startups demos, and people who have registered.
In terms of women in tech, and representing technology businesses, the percentage is 38 percent, which is on par with the national average.Dahlia told us that the big trend in the tech market this year will be the on  demand service businesses, which includes everything from doctors on demand, alcohol, cleaning and of course beauty on demand services.She told us what differs this Tech Fair from others is that everyone pays one flat rate, so an …

Mobile Week Spotlight : News By Me

A few weeks ago we were at Mobile Week 2015 when the entire NYC was indundated with entreprenuers who have an app for everything.They should because mobile sales in the US count for estimated 30 billion dollars,
so as we combed throughout the presentations we came across a news service that will really change the delivery of news.The app is News ByMe, which is a hyper local news service that gives everyone their local community a chance to be a citizen journalists.As the co founder Pason who was a veteran of the Ganett Communications, based on his research found that most people will not use social media to post personal information, but in his focus group they will post information they find useful to their neighborhood.How News ByMe operates is a person  will write an article about a tree downing that blocks a bridge, that will not make the evening news but it is important to the traffic to that community.Once the article is written it is distributed through out the news service in …

Living Your Truth

Before we get into Mobile and Tech Day NY, we would like to say that most people need to live in their truth.Gen X does not understand Millienials that is because we are the begining of a generation that believes in living in their own truth.Having said that we went to a Kentucky Derby party that was a benefit for LBTQ youth many organizations like this exist, but in NYC alone over 50,000 LBTQ youth go homeless every night because of family rejection. Unlike other well funded organizations many of these youth are of color, whose communities refuse to accept their truth.This was our first LBTQ event but hearing stories of people who came into their own truth and how for some it cost them their families and even careers.The postitive part of the party was not only meeting members of the community who are lawyers, doctors, filmakers and VC's, etc. but their willingness to support members of their community who society has rejection.So this was a change and we are glad that we stepped…