Charity Spotlight: Domestic Hunger

If you turn on the television Rachel Ray just celebrated her 9 million meals show, Mario Batalli, The Chew challenges his celebrity friends to live of of 42.00 a day, and Top Chef Tom Colichicco has gone to Congress and fought for a new farm Bill.

You say in my neighborhood there is no one eating out of a garbage can. But hunger has many faces, if you notice your neighbor who lost her high paying job and unemployment ram out and all of sudden he or she looks extremely skinny and does not remember things it is because they go to bed hungry every night.

Why is hunger such a big issue now?
Since 2008 many people cant go back to their regular pay scale and some at 60 have aged out of the job market, but the prices of food has dramatically increased. Which, brings us to healthcare many hungry people, once have the means to afford food, often by force of habit go to unhealthy carbs and dessert foods because that's will sustain them longer, but it causes diabetes, heart disease, eye ulcers, and mood swings, which in the long run places a huge burden on our healthcare system and workplaces.

Many otherwise healthy Americans who can and should be Active in the workplace and society could be hooked up to dialysis because of kidney failure due to diabetes.

So for this charity spotlight we encourage you to support Share Our Strength, Yum-O, have you family take the 42.00 a day challenge and if you know of some who just got laid off or has been looking for work in a while, then reach out and tell them Dinner is always on us.

As for politicans this coming Presidental year the Farm Bill should be on their platform.

Cheers to everyone who has made a difference in ending domestic hunger!

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