Guide to Summer Home Invites

You worked hard and your boss or investor has invited you to their summer home.

What do you do?

1. Treat this as a test have fun, but invites like this determine who gets promoted,  more funding, who gets recommended for a board seat and who is the next in line for CEO position.

2. You do want to offer a gift to them when you first arrive, depending on your position use discretion. If you are a middle manager, dont buy something that costs more than your salary.
Crystal, champagne, flowers, coffee table books that are related to his or her hobby or position.

3. Significant other, the invite will be for a plus only. So you better bring your smart, graceful, and non porn Star looking significant other this applies for both sexes.

4. Treat all wait staff extremely polite by not being rude, sloppy, inconsiderate in terms of using 3 towels and leaving water all over the place after showering.

5. Dinner is summer formal wear, and dont think his wife is not taking notes as well.

6. At some point your host will want to speak with you alone, pick your brain, see what you are made of outside of the office, if  he/she asks about collegues always deflect and say how you can run the dept or company, if he/she is persistent ask them their views.  Keep things professional, yet cordial and have fun.

7. Same for your significant other you dont want them wearing a Speedo or a two piece, modesty is the best policy.

8. Lastly, dont let anyone know about your trip, the more discretion the more you are viewed as trust worthy.

Cheers to a great and productive trip!!!


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