Living Your Truth

Before we get into Mobile and Tech Day NY, we would like to say that most people need to live in their truth.

Gen X does not understand Millienials that is because we are the begining of a generation that believes in living in their own truth.

Having said that we went to a Kentucky Derby party that was a benefit for LBTQ youth many organizations like this exist, but in NYC alone over 50,000 LBTQ youth go homeless every night because of family rejection.

Unlike other well funded organizations many of these youth are of color, whose communities refuse to accept their truth.

This was our first LBTQ event but hearing stories of people who came into their own truth and how for some it cost them their families and even careers.

The postitive part of the party was not only meeting members of the community who are lawyers, doctors, filmakers and VC's, etc. but their willingness to support members of their community who society has rejection.

So this was a change and we are glad that we stepped outside our comfort zone and was enlighted about the realities of other communities.

Cheers for Living in Your Truth!!!

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