Mobile Week Spotlight : News By Me

A few weeks ago we were at Mobile Week 2015 when the entire NYC was indundated with entreprenuers who have an app for everything.

They should because mobile sales in the US count for estimated 30 billion dollars,
so as we combed throughout the presentations we came across a news service that will really change the delivery of news.

The app is News ByMe, which is a hyper local news service that gives everyone their local community a chance to be a citizen journalists.

As the co founder Pason who was a veteran of the Ganett Communications, based on his research found that most people will not use social media to post personal information, but in his focus group they will post information they find useful to their neighborhood.

How News ByMe operates is a person  will write an article about a tree downing that blocks a bridge, that will not make the evening news but it is important to the traffic to that community.

Once the article is written it is distributed through out the news service in that community through a propriety location based service, it is on News By Me for 24 hours, then it is instantly archived. By providing an archive it allows other journalists a source for other articles.

News By Me is available through ios platform. So if you know something that is news worthy in your community, then download the app and get to writing.

Cheers to Pason and the News ByMe staff for their time.

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