Our Conclusion of Tip Sheets for Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to work at a startup and everyone wants to start some thing.
Over 80 percent of the hot startups will fail within the 2 years and some people will be deemed unemployable.

1. They do not conduct themselves as proper business owners, if you are invited to be on a panel, write out all of your notes and have legal re read them.
I was covering a panel and was appalled that a founder admitted to hiring a convicted felon for running a college drug ring. Many people later on said they would never work for that company and it sounded as though they needed a new supplier.
These jokes can get people into a lot of trouble and ruin a business and a persons reputation.

2. On the topic of jokes you don't know who knows who and who is married, engaged or is a daughter to whom.
So making racial, sexual, political, jokes in a workplace or co working space is not appropriate. In some cases can cost you your VC funding.

3. The lack of manners, no one is going to ever say I hate that person because she is too nice. But, people will go out of their way to help people who has shown genuine gratitude and appreciation, even if your product or service is not stellar.

4. Work environments should be free from pets, alcohol, and sleeping facilities. Many people bring pets to work and it is not appropriate because if you have a visitor that person could be allergenic to pets or that Pet could attack the person, you are looking at a major lawsuit, alcohol need I say more, you never know who is underage, who had or has a drinking problem and once again this can open you up to major lawsuits down the road.
Sleeping facilities, yes I have seen this and you are there to work, it is not a Silicon Frat House, again with alcohol on premise it makes for a terrible combination and open for lawsuits as well.

5. In Hollywood there is a list called a difficult to work with this and it is circulate through out the business. People take this list very serious because in some cases you are spending 18 hours a day with people and you dont want to do it with people whom the majority of people find to be obnoxious.

6. Treatment of your employees, indeed.com now has a place where current and past employees can rate and speak of their experience, beware a stellar employee or employees could go to another firm if those reviews are consistent.

This concludes our last in tip sheets, we Sincerely hope that you take these seriously.

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