Real Estate Spotlight : LES

I am certain that most real estate developers in Manhattan are scrambling to buy all the property in the Lower East Side.

After all it is the two train stops from Brooklyn, and literally right next to the Willansburg bridge.

I can remember when my niece and nephews were going to Chinese School in that area you had to book a year in advance at Congee Village for the month of February and you can bring your own drinks at Vanessa Dumplings.

What has changed?
1. The DL is the rooftop hot spot to have all your rooftop events and dinner with your friends downstairs.
2. The many galleries and POP UP shops we visited during Fashion Week.
3. The 100 year Jewish deli Russ and Daughters that got a complete makeover, yet the food is as fresh and authentic as before, recipes have not changed.
Speaking of food the Brooklyn favorite Pies and Theighs just opened up another store in LES
4. Feeling frisky with your siginficant other then stop by Babeland for all your intimate needs and they do have classes if you need been on the sidelines for a while.
5. If you need a cute super cheap outfit, I,mean below H&M prices then Rainbow Shops is the place to go for real.

So, to my real estate developers, just show us the plans for an amazing 3 bedroom penthouse with an office and you have a client.

Cheers to our new favorite neighborhood, the LES!

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