Storytelling and Your Business

Now that Mad Men has officially ended, I am certain that someone in B School has order the entire series to hone in on the marketing story.

Here is why "storytelling" in business has and will never work because it implies lying.

Since 2001, 2008, etc. hackers exposing confidential email of top execs, only to find out they were lying, storytelling and business just does not work.

But, then what does???
Having a narrative, narrative with a creative brief gives marketers and advertising execs, the right to construct an important message to sell products, gain trust of new customers and remind old customers to buy again.

Copywrighters have to be comedians?
Anyone who has studied Comedy 101, knows that all comedy is based in deep rooted pain, so NO if you are not naturally funny, the public views those messages as being assine.

In order to sell your creative team has to naturally construct a narrative that is credible, smart and clever that people wont be oversold on the entertainment value and forget your product altogether, the voice of truth and reason must be present with a dose of entertainment value.

Anything more is overkill anything less is boring.

Return to focus groups and observe people in there own surrounding, everything must be relatable to 80 percent of the people.

Cheers to no more storytelling or storytelling workshops and embrace a more salable narrative!


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