The Power of Release

You ever wanted something so bad it made you sick or was in a situation that you thought was so horrible you whined to anyone who would hear?

Chances are you are probably stuck in that same situation.

We have found when we released negative situations and stop obessing about things, things normally work out faster and better.

When we first started this publication we got a message from a prominent financial adviser to do a story about saving money planning parties.

We costed everything, we got our coupons,  bought everything  and set up as though it was real party with pics and everything, only to have our article rejected at the last minute.

Devastated, someone told me to send in the reciepts and demand they pay, no I didn't do it. I wished them well and kept moving.

The one thing I can tell all entreprenuers or any one in a creative field. If you can not deal with rejection find something else to do, for every major success there will be 50 rejections behind that, the key is to release the person and experience immediately.

If you are preparing for a big presentation, dont act as though your life depended on it because it does not, and you will come across as desperate and walk away empty handed.

I have found the power of release very helpful, because it takes out the expectation of the outcome. Once you start placing expectations on outcomes you limit yourself and your project.

This is not the same as positive thinking, Yes do your best, put out the best products, service, and goodwill and the best outcome will happen whatever or however possible.

Cheers to power of release!!!

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