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Piggy Bank Savings

Savings and some of us has been a big issue, so how did we manage to save over 15,000.00 this year, while still buying clothes, getting our hair done, and having a good time?1. We learned to do our own hair with great salon quality products.2. In previous years we gave a lot to charity and our charity partners referred us to discounted or comp events.3. Instead of gym membership, we walk every where or take a morning run.4. All of us are home cooks to pizza and corndogs to gnocci with wild mushroom ragu and truffles. 5. Long before the NYT article came out about the danger of nail salons we bought all of mani/pedi needs, we do subcribe to a nail polish club.6. In terms of beauty and healthcare we dont skimp at all, but chararcol based facial products are amazing.7. Clothing, bloggger swaps are amazing so are sample sales and charity closet sales the annual QVC sale is coming up out East.Cheers!!!

Popcorn, Booze and Food

We were invited last month to a Popcorn Pairing at Back Label Wines in NYC featuring the best popcorn from @Pop Karma.It was so interesting because we never thought of pairing alcohol with popcorn as part of our summer time gathering.Our Favorite Pairings:
1. Kyoto Flavor Popcorn  has a great umnami  taste serve with Cold Saké, this is great if you are having friends over and decide to cater sushi from your favorite restaurant.2. Any BBQ lovers in the house?
After you chow down on your favorite cue either homemade or from a restaurant, this pairing is great Carmel Corn with Mr. Katz's Rock and Rye Whiskey, our friend Patrick from Back Label Wines serves it on the rocks with orange bitters and this by far had everyone wanting fifths.3. It is hot yet you want Italian food, the perfect dinner is a cold antipasti plate served with a Nino Costa Nebbiolo Red Wine with White Truffle Popcorn. Our Guests loved this combination.4. Our last dish with pick is a cerviche dinner with avacado cr…

Going Out While Losing Weight

We read an article about dieting and women, and 65 percent of all women who have weight issues dont go out or pursue career advancement because they have weight issues.Having been morbidly obese at one point in my life, this is the worse thing that anyone can do for the following reasons:Social Isolation leads to:
1. Depression
2. Inability to naturally connect with people who really may want to start a geninue friendship with you.
3. The majority of people are so wrapped up in their own world, they dont have time to put insult or put youdown.
4. It furthers emotional overeating because you feel as though you are missing out on life.Take small steps and go to the mall twice a week, then go to the park, go mixers that does not require a bouncer as entrance into the place. Apply for that job or promotion.Along with diet, their is no reason for you to miss out on life.Cheers to enjoying life no matter what the size.

The Power of ONE

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, that may have been sub par but because of the service you are a repeat customer?We can underestimate the power of excellent customer service, people who make you want to spend all of your pay check.Good customer service comes from good management and management who is willing to listen, allow employees to connect with customers, even if they spend the whole day in the store and buy nothing.The places we love in NYC are
1. The delicious empanada truck in 42 nd Street and SoHo.
2. The Birchbox store on Monday's when our favorite person is there.
3. Rebecca Minkoff Greene Street again our favorite person.
4. Saks Flagship store for fragrances the person there is so amazing, I bought CREED fragrance.
5. PopKarma, everyone is super nice and I love all there flavors especially Kyoto, with cold Saké.Cheers for those businesses whose ground floor employees make it worth us spending those extra dollars!

The Store or the Mail

So we checked out the Birchbox store in SoHo in which, you can build your own box.We wanted to know if the store was better than the subscription service and to us it is, you can see the trial size products for yourself and the staff makes great recommendations on products and demonstrations.You can build a box for the same
15.00, but you can always purchase full size products available in the store.All the staff is super friendly and knoweledgeable.So, beauty junkies it is worth it to make a trip out there especially if you are traveling, they are all TSA approved products.Cheers to the Birchbox store@

The Summer Is NO Time to Stop Working

Many people feel that most companies do not hire in the summer, which is true, but now is not the time to rest on the laurels of the Spring.

What you can do during this summer?
1. Take advantage of Networking events sponsored by companies that have connections to the companies you want to work for or investors in the future.

2. Go to at least two networking events in your field every two weeks, people are very guarded these days and they want to at least see face recognition at the public events they are sponsoring.

3. Make your presence known in a quiet way, if you are need of anything don't brag or embellish anything, quickest way to get you place on the do not invite list.

4. If you get bumped up the networking chain, and get invited to private events at the homes of individuals, make certain you have a stock of good wine and great stationary for a hand written note to be placed in the mail the next day.

5. Always go alone, even if you have a business partner, then you should d…

Getting Ready for Summer Soirees Blogger Style

Our social calendar for the summer is packed; however we needed a bit more clothing. What is a blogger to so with all of the summer soirees and appearances?

We went to our first blogger clothing swap on a weekend that BBQ's were a blaring; however we needed clothes!

Our great friend organized everything a the wonderful rustic co- working space that will transport you the Adronidacks called @thefarmsoho. Many bloggers filed in with bags of clothes that we got from sales or from sponsors.

What did we score?
We scored 3 amazing dresses one of which, I am wearing to an awards show and another one I wore to formal concert. A few tops that with the right accessories can be worn dressed up and dressed down.

What did we give?
Loads of unused clothes that we really had to ask ourselves are we ever going to wear this or some pieces were I bought it, but it would look better on another body type. The main reason we gave because it felt good and it was helping our community look and feel bett…