Going Out While Losing Weight

We read an article about dieting and women, and 65 percent of all women who have weight issues dont go out or pursue career advancement because they have weight issues.

Having been morbidly obese at one point in my life, this is the worse thing that anyone can do for the following reasons:

Social Isolation leads to:
1. Depression
2. Inability to naturally connect with people who really may want to start a geninue friendship with you.
3. The majority of people are so wrapped up in their own world, they dont have time to put insult or put youdown.
4. It furthers emotional overeating because you feel as though you are missing out on life.

Take small steps and go to the mall twice a week, then go to the park, go mixers that does not require a bouncer as entrance into the place. Apply for that job or promotion.

Along with diet, their is no reason for you to miss out on life.

Cheers to enjoying life no matter what the size.

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