Piggy Bank Savings

Savings and some of us has been a big issue, so how did we manage to save over 15,000.00 this year, while still buying clothes, getting our hair done, and having a good time?

1. We learned to do our own hair with great salon quality products.

2. In previous years we gave a lot to charity and our charity partners referred us to discounted or comp events.

3. Instead of gym membership, we walk every where or take a morning run.

4. All of us are home cooks to pizza and corndogs to gnocci with wild mushroom ragu and truffles.

5. Long before the NYT article came out about the danger of nail salons we bought all of mani/pedi needs, we do subcribe to a nail polish club.

6. In terms of beauty and healthcare we dont skimp at all, but chararcol based facial products are amazing.

7. Clothing, bloggger swaps are amazing so are sample sales and charity closet sales the annual QVC sale is coming up out East.


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