The Summer Is NO Time to Stop Working

Many people feel that most companies do not hire in the summer, which is true, but now is not the time to rest on the laurels of the Spring.

What you can do during this summer?
1. Take advantage of Networking events sponsored by companies that have connections to the companies you want to work for or investors in the future.

2. Go to at least two networking events in your field every two weeks, people are very guarded these days and they want to at least see face recognition at the public events they are sponsoring.

3. Make your presence known in a quiet way, if you are need of anything don't brag or embellish anything, quickest way to get you place on the do not invite list.

4. If you get bumped up the networking chain, and get invited to private events at the homes of individuals, make certain you have a stock of good wine and great stationary for a hand written note to be placed in the mail the next day.

5. Always go alone, even if you have a business partner, then you should divide the events that you want to go and go alone. People always can make room for one more but not for two or more.

6. Keep up with current events in your field and in the business world in general, but don't get into heated arguments with anyone, just become a professional listener.

7. Everything is professional and after the networking session and discussion, thank the host and leave.

8. Be sure to follow up with a one sentence reference to where you met.

Here is to keeping focus on what matters which is your career.

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