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Technology Breakthroughs In Health

When is the last time you visited someone who had a chronic illness?Did you ever get nervous when left alone with that person for fear of they got sick, you would not know how to handle the situation?Even if you call 911, they ask you for the person's symptoms and other health related questions.However, the pharmaceutical company Merck has a wonderful digital download cheat sheet that is mobile for symptoms, most common ailments, and pill identification. There is a professional version available. The reason I like this product is when you visit the elderly or your friend, you do not have to be fearful should an emergency arises.Now, this is not for self diagnosis or diagnosing others out of the blue, but it is a wonderful resource that gives anyone peace of mind, especially if that some one is a parent or a sibling.They even have a Trending Health Topics, which lists common medical tests, so if you have to go for a test and need some reassuring this is the go to site.The site is

O Mag Has Once Again Started a Revolution

This Sept. of O Mag featured her BFF Gayle King, donating things, and organizing everything else.

It even inspired me to take a harsh look at my closet and what I really needed and things that I need to chuck.

As I was walking one sunny morning in my parents neighborhood, I saw two yard sales- yes I passed them by, and a mother and daughter loading up the car, ask I asked " You read the Sept. Issue of O Mag. about getting rid of clutter!" We all laughed and said "YES!"

The good thing about getting rid of physical clutter it frees your mind to think clearly and effectively.

I had over 10 pairs of jeans and  fashion jewelry that was out dated. Fashionista's note: The statement necklace is no longer in fashion, layered delicate necklaces and or hanging necklaces and hoop earrings for a casual everyday look is in, statement studs are in as well.

As for books, there is a library around my parent's home that has not had new books since 2008, so why I am holding …

Great Things Are In Store... Back to School Edition

Hello Positive Peeps!

We have been busy working and finding some amazing things that are practical but fun for everyone.

As we head back to work and school, we learned that all seasonal transitions do not have be stressful.

Keep on CHUNKING!!!


When Life Gets Hectic: CHUNK!

When I was in grad school, and were told to read 2000 pages a night, which was impossible, we all learned the secret to success, which chunking.


Chunking actually forces you to break down large pieces of information into the smallest compounds.

For example, it is Back to Work and Back to School, everyone is feeling the stressed out.

So for me I used this system which helps to keep me focused and it minimizes stress.

Monday--Career Day and Meetings

Tuesday-- Personal Care: Whether after work you book into get your hair or nails done, you are doing something just for you.

Wednesday-- House Work, devote 45 min. to clean straighten up your living space, do laundry, get the dry cleaning.


Friday-- Fun

Saturday- Grocery Shopping and Errands

Sunday--Cook for the Week

This is one example of chunking and how chunking works can work for you and minimize stress.

Cheers to a Chunk!!1

This Is the Weekly Edition of We Heart

We were out and about and we discovered some great things:

Clothing and Accessories:
It is so much more than yoga pants, it is dresses that you wear to the office, to run errands, and after working out throw on a dress and heels for date night and you are good to go...Plus all of their stores are wonderful communal places to sample a class, a new workout beverage, and of course shop. Check them out at

Folli Follie:
This is our go to brand in terms of accessories, they have wonderful studs, hoops, but do not forget the handbags, the bags are well made and elegant. Check them out at

Don't Ask Why?
If you like Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, this is your store, the retro chic of everything is amazing. They have a tee shirt that says "No I Am Not Stalking You, I Am Just Investigating!"  So funny, they have everything and everything including the coffee tables are for sale. They are in pre launch so you have to check them out on Instag…

How to Discover the Next Big Thing

How did Nextflix get the two hottest shows in Hollywood?
The House of Cards and Orange is the New Black? Hulu is next with their premiere of a slate of new comedies.

How did Birchbox become the makeup go to store all of sudden?

Discovering the next biggest thing is the easiest thing.

1. Always look at the trends within the fringe market.
For years in Hollywood, scripts use to get rejected all the time, just by a looking a the cover page, until a company called The Black List came about and started to mentor an shop around all rejected scripts. Now, if a writer is rejected through traditional means, they can always take that script to some where else Nextflix and Hulu democratize a writer's dream. Many people who have years in production who were laid off at traditional companies are now employed at Nextflix, Hulu and others started their own production companies with legitimate financial backing because they have experience and people embraced the fringe.

2. Birchbox is becoming t…

What Building A Business or Brand Has Taught ME

Many people would think you are crazy for leaving a JOB, but if you are true to yourself sometimes you can't work anyone else in a crazy environments. Or in my case when I graduated school there were NO jobs, so I had to create a job which is now my brand.

Back to the title what building a brand has taught ME:

1. Live Your Brand
In brand building you need to be consistent, you online message has got be the same with your offline message. I do live positivexpert, the best thing about creating positivexpert is that it has forced me to change-- people who meet me and we have a conversation say two things, wow I learn a lot and you are positive- bingo my brand is established.

2. Frugality Rocks
You have to be frugal in your endeavors, unless you are a multi- million dollar celebrity you can not show up to a business meeting in the latest Chanel.
Being frugal can be loads of fun of as well, when we buy clothes it is often because there was a door buster sale when it was 70 percent off…

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Positivexpert!!!

Well, it was three years ago when we decided to take a leap of faith and launch Positivexpert.

Many people ask me so you were always an ray of sunshine and wanted to share that with people?

No, actually Positivexpert has forced me and everyone to see the bright side in a world of chaos confusion and sometimes darkness.

What we hope all of our readers take away from Positivexpert that opportunities exist within all of us and sometimes you don't have to look too far to seize the good that life offers us everyday.

We never thought when we started this that it would take me on a wonderful journey and that we would meet some great people.

Positivexpert has really opened up doors not only for myself, but others and that is what we hope we will continue to do, bring you the best and always give you a something practical to use.

We love and appreciate all of you and hope that you continue to "Ride Our Ride!"

In Gratitude,

The Positivexpert Team