How to Discover the Next Big Thing

How did Nextflix get the two hottest shows in Hollywood?
The House of Cards and Orange is the New Black? Hulu is next with their premiere of a slate of new comedies.

How did Birchbox become the makeup go to store all of sudden?

Discovering the next biggest thing is the easiest thing.

1. Always look at the trends within the fringe market.
For years in Hollywood, scripts use to get rejected all the time, just by a looking a the cover page, until a company called The Black List came about and started to mentor an shop around all rejected scripts. Now, if a writer is rejected through traditional means, they can always take that script to some where else Nextflix and Hulu democratize a writer's dream. Many people who have years in production who were laid off at traditional companies are now employed at Nextflix, Hulu and others started their own production companies with legitimate financial backing because they have experience and people embraced the fringe.

2. Birchbox is becoming the next best thing in beauty because when they started their business, which was simple give people makeup samples for 15.00? They embraced the fringe who were beauty bloggers that were using the products before they became Birchbox samples. When Birchbox was still in startup mode they used beauty bloggers as a marketing department for the first couple of years. Then the free standing store, then partnering with clothing stores, again they embraced the fringe by partnering with The Gap--whose stores are not so popular these days. But, if Birchbox can help turn around The Gap, whose parent company owns Athelta the hottest retail next to H&M right now, then they can rapidly move within the retail space.

I think Barbara Corcoran once said it best "When I use to hire people to be real estate sales people, I would always look for that person who was eager to please because I knew they would always out perform anyone who already had connections."

Once again always look to fringe for the next best trend in business, employees, and in entertainment.

Cheers to the fringe!

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