O Mag Has Once Again Started a Revolution

This Sept. of O Mag featured her BFF Gayle King, donating things, and organizing everything else.

It even inspired me to take a harsh look at my closet and what I really needed and things that I need to chuck.

As I was walking one sunny morning in my parents neighborhood, I saw two yard sales- yes I passed them by, and a mother and daughter loading up the car, ask I asked " You read the Sept. Issue of O Mag. about getting rid of clutter!" We all laughed and said "YES!"

The good thing about getting rid of physical clutter it frees your mind to think clearly and effectively.

I had over 10 pairs of jeans and  fashion jewelry that was out dated. Fashionista's note: The statement necklace is no longer in fashion, layered delicate necklaces and or hanging necklaces and hoop earrings for a casual everyday look is in, statement studs are in as well.

As for books, there is a library around my parent's home that has not had new books since 2008, so why I am holding on to duplicate books, donate and yes it is tax deductible.

Many people know about resale stores which are only good for if you have unused designer items, but it is worth a shot.

Also,  loads of people who didn't get the right prices for their items at the resale stores went two doors down to Goodwill. You are doing double good by donating to Goodwill, one a tax right off and they give vouchers to women who completed the Dress for Success Program, they have a certain dollar amount to purchase from Goodwill stores.

Then if you need to get an immediate return on your donation, there is H&M and they are a retailer that truly believes in sustainable fashion, so if you are donating your old clothing to them then, they will give you a in store discount coupon.

Cheers to ending clutter in your life!!!

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