This Is the Weekly Edition of We Heart

We were out and about and we discovered some great things:

Clothing and Accessories:
It is so much more than yoga pants, it is dresses that you wear to the office, to run errands, and after working out throw on a dress and heels for date night and you are good to go...Plus all of their stores are wonderful communal places to sample a class, a new workout beverage, and of course shop. Check them out at

Folli Follie:
This is our go to brand in terms of accessories, they have wonderful studs, hoops, but do not forget the handbags, the bags are well made and elegant. Check them out at

Don't Ask Why?
If you like Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, this is your store, the retro chic of everything is amazing. They have a tee shirt that says "No I Am Not Stalking You, I Am Just Investigating!"  So funny, they have everything and everything including the coffee tables are for sale. They are in pre launch so you have to check them out on Instagram.

Nail Polishes are my thing, so I popped into Ricky's there was my favorite RHONY's product, Pop of Color. I bought this is Rose and Bright Red for Fashion Week and wouldn't you know it was amazing! All you need is two coats and it gives such a high gloss. Check them out at any Ricky's Beauty Store.

Our Picks are varied, but exceptional!
Hungry Jack Belgium Waffle Mix:
Because all you need is water and it has a high sugar content, than pancake mix, it serves as an excellent cake batter. Especially for last minute get together's I used it with blueberries and lemon zest baked it until it well done and brown on top and sprinkled with powered sugar, amazing!  Buy some at

Deep Eddy's Vodka:
Deep Eddy's are infused vodka and the Sweet Tea is amazing, if you infuse it with fresh mint and lemon overnight, then it is amazing! Check them out at

Fiancier Patisserie:
The Lemon Infused Madelline's are wonderful and light and airy. They have the best coffee and salted caramel macaroons so wonderful. They have an array of wonderful dessert and breakfast items so for your next dinner party order online at

Cheers to what we are heart this week!

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