What Building A Business or Brand Has Taught ME

Many people would think you are crazy for leaving a JOB, but if you are true to yourself sometimes you can't work anyone else in a crazy environments. Or in my case when I graduated school there were NO jobs, so I had to create a job which is now my brand.

Back to the title what building a brand has taught ME:

1. Live Your Brand
In brand building you need to be consistent, you online message has got be the same with your offline message. I do live positivexpert, the best thing about creating positivexpert is that it has forced me to change-- people who meet me and we have a conversation say two things, wow I learn a lot and you are positive- bingo my brand is established.

2. Frugality Rocks
You have to be frugal in your endeavors, unless you are a multi- million dollar celebrity you can not show up to a business meeting in the latest Chanel.
Being frugal can be loads of fun of as well, when we buy clothes it is often because there was a door buster sale when it was 70 percent off either online or in the stores. Instead of buying people things, I now write professional recommendations on LinkedIN, if I have a plus one ticket and I know it some one's birthday, I would invite them.

3. Be resourceful
I remember when I was in undergrad and grad school, and I would ask for help or a mentor, people would not give it to me, every business book tells you, you need a mentor, which a not true. But, what this did do for me, it taught me to be resourceful. It also taught me that only you can open up your doors by doing your own research and just by attending one event it can doors a plenty.

4. Be Consistent
For two and half years we published articles everyday, they were not the best, but the lessons that I learned in corporate taught me how to show up for work everyday. Now, that our schedules are packed, we had to make a decision what and when we were going to publish.

5. Be Helpful
When you help others in big or small ways that does not take away from your bottom line or time, then you get paid big dividends, doors you can't imagine begin to open up from unexpected places.

Cheers to business and brand building!

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