When Life Gets Hectic: CHUNK!

When I was in grad school, and were told to read 2000 pages a night, which was impossible, we all learned the secret to success, which chunking.


Chunking actually forces you to break down large pieces of information into the smallest compounds.

For example, it is Back to Work and Back to School, everyone is feeling the stressed out.

So for me I used this system which helps to keep me focused and it minimizes stress.

Monday--Career Day and Meetings

Tuesday-- Personal Care: Whether after work you book into get your hair or nails done, you are doing something just for you.

Wednesday-- House Work, devote 45 min. to clean straighten up your living space, do laundry, get the dry cleaning.


Friday-- Fun

Saturday- Grocery Shopping and Errands

Sunday--Cook for the Week

This is one example of chunking and how chunking works can work for you and minimize stress.

Cheers to a Chunk!!1

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