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Our Sincere Wishes for You for 2016

In 2015 we saw a seismic force of negativity, anger, bitterness, entitlement, and FEAR invade the Earth.

It actually invaded us as well, what should have a been our most productive was one that was filled with triumph and set backs.

In 2016:

1. Positive Peeps promise yourself, you will keep your mind filled with positive thoughts.

2. Most people who are insecure are fearful because they don't have the gifts that you possess, that their problem.

3. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, some people may not have ever come in contact with someone who is an intelligent, gracious, thoughtful, and wise as you. So, if they ask tons of questions it is because they have not had the experience with someone like yourself.

4. Stop chasing! Don't chase people, things, opportunities, if you have done one good thing consistently well over time, opportunities will come, the right people at the right time will come and you won't have to sell yourself.

5. Let excellence be a part of your b…

NY Eve: Beauty Tips

You got the dress, heels, and purse now what??

Your beauty regime for NYE should start tonight.

1. Make certain that your facial cleanser is not harsh or will strip you of essentials oils.

2. My favorite all over moisturizer is NOW's Sweet Almond Oil, however when you use face oil's DO NOT put another moisturizer on top of it, this will cause clogged pores.

3. Make- Up: Use a face primer before you apply your foundation this will allow the make-up to stay on with out retouching through out the night.

4. Foundation: My favorite is Clinique Concealer and Foundation all in one, works wonders.

5. Cheeks: If you are bi-racial, you need to go with a blush that is on the orange or tangerine side, this will give you a pop of color, pink blush will blend into your skin and make you look washed out.
My Favorite Blush: Cargo in Melon.

6. Eyes: Liquid Eyeliner is the best for staying power, and the ultimate mascara is Make- Up is forever, this will give your lashes that pop with out usin…

Holiday Menu: Something a Bit Different

We are doing something a bit different this year. Last year was Roasted Crown Beef, the year before was Turkey Empandas.

So, this is our Holiday Menu:
1. Smoked Wild Boar
2. Mashed Turnips with shaved truffles
3. Green Beans with garlic

4. Chantrelle Mushroom Sauce
5. Cranberry and Orange Compote

Poached Pear in a Mulled Wine Sauce

Sparkling Water and Lemon
Burgundy and Merlot Wines

Holiday Brunch: French Toast Bake

It is the holiday and festive season and you are in charge of the Holiday Brunch this year.

We created this and it is wonderful!

French Toast Bake
1. Raisin Challah Bread Loaf sliced in thick slices
2. 1/4 teaspoon Fresh Vanilla Bean
3.1/4 teaspoon Fresh Grated Cinnamon
4.1/4 teaspoon Fresh Grated Nutmeg
5. 1/4 teaspoon Ground Cloves
6. 1/4 cup Brandy or Cognac
7. 1/2 dozen eggs and 1/4 cup heavy cream
8. 2 pounds cooked hot Italian sausage

In a mixing bowl, mix:
1/2 dozen eggs, heavy cream and grated spices ( If you use fresh grated spices then you wouldn't need as much.)
The Raisin Challah bread should be a day old and slightly hard
Pour egg mixture and Cognac over the bread as well
Cook till well done the hot Italian Sausage, boil them first, the take out of casing and brown in a skillet with fresh garlic pour crumble down the middle.

Bake at 350 degrees for an hour and a half. The eggs must be completely cooked. Test by using a knife if the knife comes out clean then you are …

Enjoying the Experience and Not the Swag

Many people in the event planning whether it is a TV production, a make-up demo, or even a party, are a little tired of people who come to events, just for the "swag factor."

Granted there are events that we will go to because to keep our audience informed on the latest trends in beauty, health, etc. we do get product to test so we can write, so it results in the sales for the brand and the company.

But, we noticed people who just show up at events just for the swag, who have no connection to the event or who do not even want to enjoy the event, but they come to what we call shop.

This becomes so annoying to everyone because people begin to notice repeat offenders, which leads me to question why are we going to certain events?

If you knew a church was giving out free cars would you go just for the car?

You should go to the event for the experience of it first!
Last Friday we went to a charity event which was magical, the event was held at the New York Public Library as you e…

Relationship Check: Cure for 2016

2015, certainly has seen our share of heartbreak and disappointments.

We learned as being "Positive Peeps" if things are not working out let it go, the people who are in life are a reflection of who we are even on a subconscious basis.

One staffer had a person who had woman stalker, both aren't gay but this staff wanted "friends" and a "boyfriend" so bad that she appeared desperate and stalkerish, until someone showed herself.

Another person was name dropping because she had to prove herself as a child and a minority adult, until she met a guy and all he did was name drop.

Now, me I recognized that a person I thought was "amazing" but when I really observed this person, they had anger and jealousy issues and was extremely mean spirited, but in a moment in temporary insanity, I reached out and this person proved everything that I initially observed.

Also, when you are networking, networking can lead into friendship but, remember business is …

Beauty Report: Holiday Glam Report

The Holiday Season is ALL about fun GLAM and SPARKLE!!

But, don't overdo things: we are calling this subtle glam everywhere you go there are people taking pictures or want to take your pics.

Here are our new finds:

Clinique has a foundation formulated for people who break out. We highly recommend this product.

Beauty tip: When you apply your foundation and concealer with a disposable applicator sponge. Then take a large foundation brush and sweep it all over your face, this will set the foundation, without it looking caked.

We are not contouring or strobing. However, the best blushes to give color without using a bronzer is :
1. CoverGirl: Rock N Rose
2. NYX: Amber
3. Mac: Razin
4. YSL: Burgundy

Wearing gold accessories:
1.Revlon Photoready Eye Art, in 100 Topaz Twinkle
2.Wearing Silver then it is Revlon Photoready: Eye Art in Blue

How to wear it? You can wear this by using the glitter for a Cat Eye, or you can use it by lining the top lid.

Matte Lip under a gloss wo…

Beauty Spot: Drug Store Finds

Target had a major beauty sale and we just had to check it out.....

For our skin we are using as many all natural beauty products as we can.

1. Jason Body Wash in Calming Lavender:
 Jason's products contain no parabens, SLS, Petrolatum, Artificial Colors or Phthalates, so this is as pure as product as you are going to get.

2. Regular Bic Silky Touch:
When one of our staffers had a scare last year that sent her to the doctor, she was told not to use any triple blades, because the hair underneath a women's arm is very fine and most "lady" razors are actually men's blades. Once you nick yourself you can inflame your lymph nodes or it even lead to infection.

3. Cover Girls: Lip Lava
For special events we chose a dark red over a flaming red matte looks like a Shiny Red Apple. Always use gloss even if it is over the matte for moisturizing effects.
Another Lip Lava we used bought is what we called a purple sequins for those days when you need a pop of color with your gr…