Enjoying the Experience and Not the Swag

Many people in the event planning whether it is a TV production, a make-up demo, or even a party, are a little tired of people who come to events, just for the "swag factor."

Granted there are events that we will go to because to keep our audience informed on the latest trends in beauty, health, etc. we do get product to test so we can write, so it results in the sales for the brand and the company.

But, we noticed people who just show up at events just for the swag, who have no connection to the event or who do not even want to enjoy the event, but they come to what we call shop.

This becomes so annoying to everyone because people begin to notice repeat offenders, which leads me to question why are we going to certain events?

If you knew a church was giving out free cars would you go just for the car?

You should go to the event for the experience of it first!
Last Friday we went to a charity event which was magical, the event was held at the New York Public Library as you entered there where waiters with silver trays with the signature drink of the night plus champagne, absolutely magical, in terms of experience.
So what we received gift bags, but that wasn't the main reason why we went, the experience of the night was purely magical, taking pictures with friends, getting a temporary tat, and great DJ amidst the beauty of one of NY's historical landmarks.

Why did I attend a taping of a TV show?
To show support of the people that work on the show and because the information given is great. Is it because I want to get something? Nope! Not at all. I think to live in a great town like NYC and not experience a taping at least once is kinda sad, it's like not going to a Broadway play. Again, go for the experience and not for what you can get. Don't go to things just to shop!

When you go to things for the experience and speak to people both attending and working then your mind opens up, you begin to see things in a different light, you begin to exchange ideas, which enriches the lives of others as well as yourself.

So before you stalk Eventbrite and Guest of Guest for free swag opportunities, think about the experience you are getting behind the event.

Cheers to enjoying the event!

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