Our Sincere Wishes for You for 2016

In 2015 we saw a seismic force of negativity, anger, bitterness, entitlement, and FEAR invade the Earth.

It actually invaded us as well, what should have a been our most productive was one that was filled with triumph and set backs.

In 2016:

1. Positive Peeps promise yourself, you will keep your mind filled with positive thoughts.

2. Most people who are insecure are fearful because they don't have the gifts that you possess, that their problem.

3. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, some people may not have ever come in contact with someone who is an intelligent, gracious, thoughtful, and wise as you. So, if they ask tons of questions it is because they have not had the experience with someone like yourself.

4. Stop chasing! Don't chase people, things, opportunities, if you have done one good thing consistently well over time, opportunities will come, the right people at the right time will come and you won't have to sell yourself.

5. Let excellence be a part of your being, if you constantly do something well all the time, your reputation goes before you.

6. Let everything from 2015 good and bad GO! As Adele would say "You are only as good as your last album." Meaning you can't live in the past either good or bad.

7. Learn to say NO more often, when you do you make room for the bigger blessings in your life.

8. Learn to be a professional listener and observer. You gain more knowledge and insight this way and people are more intrigued by you because you don't talk.

9. Ignore naysayers and ignorant people.

10. Learn to be consistent in every situation people are drawn to consistent people, they are deemed more trustworthy and stable.

Cheers to the best 2016 ever!!!

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