Relationship Check: Cure for 2016

2015, certainly has seen our share of heartbreak and disappointments.

We learned as being "Positive Peeps" if things are not working out let it go, the people who are in life are a reflection of who we are even on a subconscious basis.

One staffer had a person who had woman stalker, both aren't gay but this staff wanted "friends" and a "boyfriend" so bad that she appeared desperate and stalkerish, until someone showed herself.

Another person was name dropping because she had to prove herself as a child and a minority adult, until she met a guy and all he did was name drop.

Now, me I recognized that a person I thought was "amazing" but when I really observed this person, they had anger and jealousy issues and was extremely mean spirited, but in a moment in temporary insanity, I reached out and this person proved everything that I initially observed.

Also, when you are networking, networking can lead into friendship but, remember business is business. Don't be a disappointed if a person drops you if they get what they want from you.

Bottomline we can never be disappointed because often times what we need to deal with shows up in our life to deal with it finally.

Cheers to cleaning up our act for 2016!

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