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Fashion Week: Keys to Success

Buyers, media, and dignarities from all over are in town for NYFW Men.As it is important to wear comfortable shoes, have a private car or Uber handy, and protein bars with coconut water.Here are the key tenets that would make anyone a Fashion Week standout.1. Be gracious, no one had to invite you to a show, even if you get invited to Oscars.2. Be patient, many designers are working with production companies that do live streaming or have live entertainment, there may be giltches.3. Only take pictures when asked, but always be camera ready.4. Be humble, you never know who you are sitting next to or who knows who, and people like to talk. Listen more and talk less. Keep everything about you to one sentence.5. Enjoy everything.... The CFDA and their members work extremely hard year round to design and  keep collections relevant that consumers will want to buy. It's an honor to be invited to shows. Cheers to humility, graciousness, and a great NYFWM!

Fashion: Celebrity Fashion Lines

We have seen tons of celebrity clothing lines come and go, however there are two major celebrity "Giants" that are taking the Fashion world by storm, but in a quiet way.For years we watched Steve Harvey fix every man's tie on the Family Feud, but did you know that he has an extremely successful tie line. In fact all his ties are by his line. Yes, I read the credits. Also, in his workshops for young men he gifts them with his ties and shows them how do it for themselves.One of the biggest names in television Michael Strahan also has softly launched a full collection that can be found at JC Penny's. One day while in JC Penny's, I saw the display, the quality is great.Strahan also wears his line on camera and off and his celebrity friends also wear his clothing.This is a true testament that if you create a product, you must be able to wear it. Many celebrity lines didn't have longevity because they didn't wear their clothing.Fans or consumers believed that t…

Fashion Technology at it's best

The NYFW Men is next week and as invitations pour in there is a wonderful app that keeps you sane.The app is called the Fashion GPS, which has all your RSVP's in one location, so even if your assistant can't use Google Calendar or Outlook, they can use easily use this app.It keeps you on time and does not allow overlaps that the other calendar systems, does. Of course you must be CFDA and Fashion GPS approved to use the system, but this is one way of how Fashion Technology can be useful and practical at the same time.Cheers to a practical Fashion Technology!!

Fashion : Reclaiming Revenue

The traditional model were press and buyers would come to Fashion Shows. The press would give either a rave review of the collection or trash the collection and that designer would have to figure out a way to pay back investors.Until Rebecca Minkoff who revolutionized the Fashion Industry last season with her wearables and let her customers in her flagship store to watch her show that was streamed live from her fashion week location.However, we had to wait till fall to buy her gorgeous collection. This season Rebecca Minkoff is not waiting until approval from buyers, she designed a collection that would be store ready. So in two weeks when she opens the door for her viewing party to her customers, after watching yet another amazing show, they can directly make purchases.This is a great way to optimize revenue and give customers exactly what they want on demand.Many designers who don't design to be buyer ready miss out on key opportunities to maximize revenue directly to their cust…

Can Hudson Bay Save Fashion?

Anyone who is serious about fashion who reads WWD, Business of Fashion, or the Wall Street Journal knows about Hudson Bay.Hudson Bay is the parent company of Saks Fifth Avenue, OFF Fifth, Lord and Taylor, and recently acquired GILT.Hudson Bay, flagship store Lord and Taylor has been neglected for years, then the infusion of in store events and a internal line called Birdcage, which has attracted shoppers and increased foot traffic, but was that enough?No, not at all. Lord and Taylor is located next to the most beautiful parks in NYC. Bryant Park and also the center of law firms, investment banks and HBO headquarters. Not to mention, the grand NYPL.My recommendation is for Lord and Taylor to have date night styling work shops for their customers and the employees of the surrounding areas. And offer day of discounts this increases repeat customers.Recommendation number two
If you offer discounts at events in Bryant Park this increases foot traffic to the store  immediately.Recommendati…

Excessive E-mails TMI ?

You know I am guilty of sending a lot of emails especially if I am on a committee for a cause that I am passionate.My passion and excitement I have been told translates into being an obnoxious know it all. So I stopped cold turkey and apologized to the people whom I offended and even removed myself from the organizations all together.Until, I received excessive emails from an event organizer and I saw myself as others did the obnoxious spammer.However, when I read the last email from this event organizer, everything became crystal clear. He was hosting a gala for an Italian Prince where his great grandfather served in the military of his great grand father. So, it was more of a full circle moment where, as he put it a descendant of a commoner was actually hosting a gala for royalty.His and my emails where fueled by the excitement and passion of seeing a world be in a better state. One person who was considered an out cast to now having the funds to host such a gala.So, yes unsolicited…

True Confession:Health Spot

We are starting a New focus here which is called The Health Spot.Our goal is to be the most healthiest at any age.I shared that over six years ago I lost 130 lbs. However, from weighing 310 pounds as my father would say that is like taking a gallon of water out of Atlantic Ocean.So, my journey to lose the last 55 pounds begins with self acceptance and knowing that we together can't control anyone or world event s, but we can control what we put in our mouths.Our Foodie Friday post will get more cleaner as we focus on foods that are tasty as well as healthy.No we are not doctors but we love to share what we learned with our readers.Cheers to the year of health, healing, and prosperity!

Health Spot Sugar is Dangerous

The CDC put out a statement that while we should limit cholesterol, sugar is more dangerous and to limit sugar consumption.I happen to agree, my friend grandpa had diabetes for years that he left uncontrolled. But, he always offered us cake, pie, or a piece of candy.We thought nothing of it until he developed heart disease and  needed triple bypass surgery. The doctor told my friend post operation to watch his sugar consumption. Several years later, he was in a rehab center for people with dementia,  the nurse told my friend the reason why her grandfather was walking off balance and couldn't feel in certain areas of his body was due to the nerve damage that the sugar consumption had done.Wow! I would have never thought about that, my friend gave me a book written years ago called Sugar Blues and how excessive sugar consumption has the same effect as cocaine on the brain. But over time sugar consumption effects the entire body including central nervous system, moods, heart and kidn…

The Beauty Spot

Winter is here in NYC and Fashion Month is around the corner here are our picks for getting your skin camera ready.1. Korres Foaming Face Wash
This is amazing! It left my skin so soft and moist, I almost forgot to put on my face oil.2. Amorepacific Enzyme Peel
This is a great product you only use once a week that has great exfoliation and brighten effect 3. Eye Primer Sephora
When you wear eye shadow and it creases it is because there is nothing that it would adhere to, so primers are necessary. Our pick is Sephora eye primers it does a wonderful job allowing the pigment to last all day or during the event.4. Double Eyeliner Effect
In order for eyeliner to last, we use a crayon based one first then a liquid eyeliner. We use Mally brand for this only do too lids.5. Perfume: We use the Balacigna scent which is great, we love it musk and floral, which is wonderful.Cheers to looking camera ready!

Foodie Friday: Vegan Chili

Mushroom and Red Bean ChiliIn order for us to get into shape why wait til March?Mushrooms are natures super food it is the most powerful antioxidant around.We used a combination of mixed mushrooms washed and sauteed in organic olive oil in a pot.We also used non GMO kidney beans and added that into the pot, with garlic, chives, cumin and chili powder.We also used tomatoes organic of course, no more jar stuff and put that into the pot and slow cooked it for 4 hours.We had a delicious dinner, warm hearty and healthy.Cheers to a healthy meal!

Beauty Spot: Tried and Tested

Winter is here and so is the cold air that can strip moisture away and leaving skin dry.

Here is a great way to take off make-up at the end of the day without stripping your face and without clogging your pores.

1. Vaseline:
You can put Vaseline all over your face and then take it off with a dry tissues, Vaseline if used topically would not get into your blood stream and build up toxins. Also, use Vaseline the days you are wearing heavy make-up such as foundation and several layers of makeup.

Key Note: With "Green Products" you need to note that unless you have open nicks, sores, on your skin will any toxins go into your system and cause toxicity.

2. Marc Jacobs- Decadent Perfume:
This perfume is so amazing woodsy, yet femine and has staying power it will last all day long.

3. Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks:
We received these liquid lipsticks for Christmas and was skeptical, but they do have amazing staying power. All you need is one retouch and you are good to go for the res…

Foodie Friday: The Most Decadent Bread Pudding

You still have a fridge of leftovers or a bread box filled with Pantone, Pecan Rolls, Coconut Bread that is a tad stale.

What do you ?

Make the most decadent Bread Pudding!

1. Take all the holiday breads and tear them into cubes.

2. Take your extremely spiked Egg Nog or in some countries it is Punch a Crème others it is Coquito and use that as your custard it has everything in it and if you are like my family the Over Proof Rum preserves it till next year.

3. Pour the Punch a Crème over the various bread cubes and allow it to get coated.

4. In buttered ramekins pour the mixture into the ramekins.

5. Place the ramekins in water bath and bake for 350 degrees until well done.

Serve with a warm beverage of choice. Trust me this is the most decadent dessert that we have had!

Cheers to decadence!

Never Underestimate Your Power..

Most people believe that they are insignificant so they act with apathy, not caring or with bitterness.

We at Positivexpert strive our best to walk the walk at all times!

We believe if something negative has happened to you do the opposite and do something positive.

If someone screwed you over for a promotion, write a recommendation for someone to be promoted.

The more we use our collaborative positive force in the world for good, most of our problems will be eliminated.

During the Summer of 2014:

We featured this cool company that does promotions through a truck called "Claim It." I spoke to the people running the truck and they had really great ideas to take it to next level, and I agreed with them.

They asked me to write them a recommendation to the owners.

I thought nothing of it, so I did and I gave specific examples of how the employees came up with these great ideas and for a person who has a business background these ideas if implemented would prove to be profitable…

Should you wear Sparkles or Sequins after the Holidays?

Many people have asked me what should I do with sequins and the shimmering sweaters that I bought during the holiday season?

I say wear them!

As you noticed there are no dress codes in fashion anymore.

I am the type of person who has always been drawn to metallic clothing or nail polish, something shimmery, but not over the top.

Just as most people won't wear red again until Valentine's Day, which to me is so 1920's. Most men are drawn to women who wear reds and metallic nail polish.

If the item feels good to you, then wear it!

I wear a metallic sweater with appropriate dark pants and a high heel bootie and simple accessories, it feels good to me.

Most of the time for evening events, especially now that it is officially Winter, I wear the sweaters and I still look appropriate.

The trend I wish would go away are sleeveless shirts and dresses, especially in the Winter it looks horrible and during Fashion Week many women end up in the ER because they were inappropriately dressed.

I r…

New Year's : Southern Brunch

Everyone was Hungover, from last night and all you had were some dry toast, and ginger ale.

So here is what we cooked up:

1. Buttermilk Fried Chicken

2. BBQ Chicken

3. Cornbread

4. Kale Salad

5. Root Beer Floats for Dessert

Buttermilk Fried Chicken:
1. Clean chicken in lemon and vinegar
2. Soak chicken in buttermilk with four packages of fresh thyme overnight
3. Dredge the chicken in flour seasoned with thyme and chili powder
4. Place the chicken in hot vegetable oil for 15 min. per side.
5. When chicken is done you put on a paper towel to drain the excess.

BBQ Chicken:
1. Clean chicken in lemon and vinegar
2. Season with salt and pepper
1. Molasses
2. 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
3. Tomato Sauce or Crushed Tomato's
4. 2 Cans of Root Beer

Make sauce separately.

Bake chicken when chicken is half baked then pour half of the sauce on the chicken.

After chicken is thoroughly baked pour the other half of the sauce on the chicken.
Plate and enjoy!!

Make cornbread with…