Beauty Spot: Tried and Tested

Winter is here and so is the cold air that can strip moisture away and leaving skin dry.

Here is a great way to take off make-up at the end of the day without stripping your face and without clogging your pores.

1. Vaseline:
You can put Vaseline all over your face and then take it off with a dry tissues, Vaseline if used topically would not get into your blood stream and build up toxins. Also, use Vaseline the days you are wearing heavy make-up such as foundation and several layers of makeup.

Key Note: With "Green Products" you need to note that unless you have open nicks, sores, on your skin will any toxins go into your system and cause toxicity.

2. Marc Jacobs- Decadent Perfume:
This perfume is so amazing woodsy, yet femine and has staying power it will last all day long.

3. Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks:
We received these liquid lipsticks for Christmas and was skeptical, but they do have amazing staying power. All you need is one retouch and you are good to go for the rest of the night. They are so amazing!

4. Nail Polishes
Revlon has this blue seashell shimmer, which is amazing, so does Julep, and M-A-C they staying power is one week without chipping. It is really looks amazing on all skin tones.

We know it is short and sweet this time but, you really only need a few items to make you look amazing this winter.


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