Excessive E-mails TMI ?

You know I am guilty of sending a lot of emails especially if I am on a committee for a cause that I am passionate.

My passion and excitement I have been told translates into being an obnoxious know it all. So I stopped cold turkey and apologized to the people whom I offended and even removed myself from the organizations all together.

Until, I received excessive emails from an event organizer and I saw myself as others did the obnoxious spammer.

However, when I read the last email from this event organizer, everything became crystal clear. He was hosting a gala for an Italian Prince where his great grandfather served in the military of his great grand father. So, it was more of a full circle moment where, as he put it a descendant of a commoner was actually hosting a gala for royalty.

His and my emails where fueled by the excitement and passion of seeing a world be in a better state. One person who was considered an out cast to now having the funds to host such a gala.

So, yes unsolicited emails maybe annoying, but you never know the true story behind the story.

Cheers to good intentions!

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