Fashion: Celebrity Fashion Lines

We have seen tons of celebrity clothing lines come and go, however there are two major celebrity "Giants" that are taking the Fashion world by storm, but in a quiet way.

For years we watched Steve Harvey fix every man's tie on the Family Feud, but did you know that he has an extremely successful tie line. In fact all his ties are by his line. Yes, I read the credits. Also, in his workshops for young men he gifts them with his ties and shows them how do it for themselves.

One of the biggest names in television Michael Strahan also has softly launched a full collection that can be found at JC Penny's. One day while in JC Penny's, I saw the display, the quality is great.

Strahan also wears his line on camera and off and his celebrity friends also wear his clothing.

This is a true testament that if you create a product, you must be able to wear it.

Many celebrity lines didn't have longevity because they didn't wear their clothing.

Fans or consumers believed that the celebrity felt they created something, but didn't want to relate to the commoner, having a line at Macy's and wearing 500.00 pair of jeans from Barney's comes off as pretentious.

So as we prepare for Fashion Week, we may or may not have shows for the Harvey or Strahan lines, but it is a true testament in soft launch marketing and creating something that you believe. The numbers would sell out.

Cheers for the new model in celebrity clothing marketing.

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