Fashion Week: Keys to Success

Buyers, media, and dignarities from all over are in town for NYFW Men.

As it is important to wear comfortable shoes, have a private car or Uber handy, and protein bars with coconut water.

Here are the key tenets that would make anyone a Fashion Week standout.

1. Be gracious, no one had to invite you to a show, even if you get invited to Oscars.

2. Be patient, many designers are working with production companies that do live streaming or have live entertainment, there may be giltches.

3. Only take pictures when asked, but always be camera ready.

4. Be humble, you never know who you are sitting next to or who knows who, and people like to talk. Listen more and talk less. Keep everything about you to one sentence.

5. Enjoy everything.... The CFDA and their members work extremely hard year round to design and  keep collections relevant that consumers will want to buy. It's an honor to be invited to shows.

Cheers to humility, graciousness, and a great NYFWM!

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