Foodie Friday: The Most Decadent Bread Pudding

You still have a fridge of leftovers or a bread box filled with Pantone, Pecan Rolls, Coconut Bread that is a tad stale.

What do you ?

Make the most decadent Bread Pudding!

1. Take all the holiday breads and tear them into cubes.

2. Take your extremely spiked Egg Nog or in some countries it is Punch a Crème others it is Coquito and use that as your custard it has everything in it and if you are like my family the Over Proof Rum preserves it till next year.

3. Pour the Punch a Crème over the various bread cubes and allow it to get coated.

4. In buttered ramekins pour the mixture into the ramekins.

5. Place the ramekins in water bath and bake for 350 degrees until well done.

Serve with a warm beverage of choice. Trust me this is the most decadent dessert that we have had!

Cheers to decadence!

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