Health Spot Sugar is Dangerous

The CDC put out a statement that while we should limit cholesterol, sugar is more dangerous and to limit sugar consumption.

I happen to agree, my friend grandpa had diabetes for years that he left uncontrolled. But, he always offered us cake, pie, or a piece of candy.

We thought nothing of it until he developed heart disease and  needed triple bypass surgery. The doctor told my friend post operation to watch his sugar consumption.

Several years later, he was in a rehab center for people with dementia,  the nurse told my friend the reason why her grandfather was walking off balance and couldn't feel in certain areas of his body was due to the nerve damage that the sugar consumption had done.

Wow! I would have never thought about that, my friend gave me a book written years ago called Sugar Blues and how excessive sugar consumption has the same effect as cocaine on the brain. But over time sugar consumption effects the entire body including central nervous system, moods, heart and kidneys.

So, once and a while a sweet treat may not hurt. But resist the candy bowl at all costs.

Cheers to being in the best health!

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