Never Underestimate Your Power..

Most people believe that they are insignificant so they act with apathy, not caring or with bitterness.

We at Positivexpert strive our best to walk the walk at all times!

We believe if something negative has happened to you do the opposite and do something positive.

If someone screwed you over for a promotion, write a recommendation for someone to be promoted.

The more we use our collaborative positive force in the world for good, most of our problems will be eliminated.

During the Summer of 2014:

We featured this cool company that does promotions through a truck called "Claim It." I spoke to the people running the truck and they had really great ideas to take it to next level, and I agreed with them.

They asked me to write them a recommendation to the owners.

I thought nothing of it, so I did and I gave specific examples of how the employees came up with these great ideas and for a person who has a business background these ideas if implemented would prove to be profitable for the company.

Winter 2016:

Saw, the same truck saw the same guy in the truck. I asked how things were and he told me he got a promotion and the owners trusted him with a lot of the logistics and marketing while they were out raising funds.

I told him that I did write that recommendation that he asked 2 years previously. He figured out the timeline and thanked me so much for it because he was promoted soon after our recommendation was written.

Never underestimate your power to do good in this world. In this "What's In For Me World?" You really have to trust that when you do good that you are actually paving the way for your good, so you can enjoy all of your success because it is done with purity and a clean heart.

I also have a habit of e-mailing people a lot if I come across information I know can be beneficial to  another person. People have asked me to stop so I complied and others I run into tell me that my e-mail was the key piece of information specific to their project.

So, once again Positive Peeps, do not let the negativity of this world bring you down, pave your way to success by doing good!


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