Should you wear Sparkles or Sequins after the Holidays?

Many people have asked me what should I do with sequins and the shimmering sweaters that I bought during the holiday season?

I say wear them!

As you noticed there are no dress codes in fashion anymore.

I am the type of person who has always been drawn to metallic clothing or nail polish, something shimmery, but not over the top.

Just as most people won't wear red again until Valentine's Day, which to me is so 1920's. Most men are drawn to women who wear reds and metallic nail polish.

If the item feels good to you, then wear it!

I wear a metallic sweater with appropriate dark pants and a high heel bootie and simple accessories, it feels good to me.

Most of the time for evening events, especially now that it is officially Winter, I wear the sweaters and I still look appropriate.

The trend I wish would go away are sleeveless shirts and dresses, especially in the Winter it looks horrible and during Fashion Week many women end up in the ER because they were inappropriately dressed.

I remember last year NYFW wear I saw this couple get into an SUV,  the guy had on a long mohair coat in the color Camel with leather gloves, and this woman is dragging behind him in a sleeveless mini dress. She had no coat either.

So Ladies as we head into pre- primp season for Fashion Week, I would wear those metallic and sequins all year round. And if you are single men love Ladies In Red.

Cheers to the Shine!

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