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Essential Skills for Fundraisers

Many people in all forms of non-profit and for-profit companies are required to raise funds, but there's way to get you more money than you imagine.1. In both industries get to old fashioned cold calling, we were trained to do this in finance and it still serves me well.2. As soon as finished your last sentence on the phone, start writing your e-mail with it was great speaking with you, reference specific points in the conversation that would trigger some one's memory.3. People are very busy these days, so give it 72 hours after that move on, you should have a list of people or companies you want to target.4. Get out an network, do things that you enjoy not who is going to be there. People go to some interesting places in spite of their profession and meet some influential people.5. If you invited some one to an event and they couldn't attend then send them a thank you note with the next event date.6. Don't over use your connections, people, no one likes to feel used. …

Fashion and Beauty Spot

It is awards season and all of the presenters, guests, significant others will grace the red carpet with Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Marchessa, and H&M.What...yes H & M a few years ago Helen Mirren showed up at the Oscars with an H&M dress, but with millions of dollars of jewelry.Her statement with the H & M dress resignated through out the country.Fast Forward 2016... I am looking for a cocktail dress Rent the Runway all booked up for dresses for an event. Other department stores no go at that price point.I called up H&M and a customer service representative told me that there are personal shoppers who shop for their customers at one particular store in NYC.So, if you have money for a personal shopper or stylist, H&M must be doing something right.Stay tuned to see who will show up on the red carpet wearing H&M.Cheers to Fashion at all points...

The Shift Has Occurred!! Sports Illustrated

The beginning of 2000 there was a massive obesity epidemic. I unfortunately was a part of it at 310 and a size 26.My life was miserable, that's when I got tired of being depressed, lonely, and just negative. It took me two years all natural to shed the weight. I was feeling great until society told me a size 12 still is not good enough.I found myself going back, praying if only I was a size zero. Until, I learned to accept myself and yes I watch what I eat, make certain that every thing is normal during my check ups.But, for some in society I still was not a single digit, or that I had a broad nose, and without my denture I have a big space in between my teeth.Until, as I began to wake up a bit, more women are a curvy size 12 like myself successful with boyfriends and husbands in loving relationships.The utilmate is this issue 2016 of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the cover is Ashley Graham a size 14/16 beauty. She represents the average American woman who has natural curves …

Beauty Spot: RITUALS Cosmetics

We love good shower and bath products, because it is how we start our day next to prayer.The company RITUALS is an amazing company that is rapidly expanding within the United States.The reason why we love this company is the scents are amazing at a price point that every one can afford. During this weekend they had a promotion that there shower gel was 5.00 off, which is actually a shower mouse. We bought Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil, which is a great scent, plus we checked in via Facebook and got a trial size Orange and Cedar Wood Shower Oil, which is great travel size.Whenever, you buy anything over 50.00 you get a deluxe candle set, which smells the equivalent of other high end brands that we covered previously.The customer service is great and every one is asked if they would like a cup of tea.Cheers to the next great thing in beauty!

The Nintendo ReOpening

What was seven blocks deep? The ReOpening of the Nintendo Flagship Store at 10 Rockefeller Center.Generations of gamers was standing in line from Donkey Kong, Zelda, Pokemon, gamers were so serious there were bomb sniffing dogs.The store only allowed 15 people at a time for a select amount of time.They were serious, but this should not surprise anyone who is in the technology world.Before Candy Crush, Cafe Wars, Farmville, there was Nintendo Donkey Kong, etc. The resurrection of the technology industry in 2009, Nintendo lost ground to the previous mentioned Zygenga games.One very important factor this time is 60 percent of all gamers are women. Many women were on line and Code Liberation based in New York  trains women to learn how to code for games using basic programs such as Unity.Also gaming is used in to improve cognition for people who have developmental delays and in some cases it has improved memory in some patients with Alzheimer's disease.So although in a city with over …

Fashion Spot: Colors vs. Price

There are certain colors you will always pay more for due to seasonality.If you purchase corals, pinks, orange, baby blues, green white, and ivory in the winter months you will save 75% because of the season.Anything of a gold, sequins, or metallic nature you will spend 80 percent less in the summer months.We found out our theory by putting it to the test in July I bought a sliver metallic sweater for 6.00 originally 75.00, the same sweater during the Holiday Season was marked back up to original price.Again another person bought a coral lace tunic during Black Friday for 20.00 now that Spring has Sprung it is the original price of 68.00.There is one exception the Pantone colors of  the year, which will be discounted only by 10 percent.So if you are a frugal shopper you may want to buy according to color and seasons.Cheers to frugality according to colors.

There's Always A Rainbow

In today's world the overall ugliness of society can creep into our personal lives.As I closed out a chapter of my life with a certain group of people, I thought all of those people in that group are closed minded and vicious.However when I went last week to Men's Fashion Week, a taxi cab driver reminded me that not all people in a race are closed minded and vicious. He told me to keep my heart open.As I went into Skylight, having had a meltdown in the taxi and going into the shows.I went to the concession area and asked for some herbal tea. This guy who had an Australian accent, pointed out that my mascara ran and it looked as though I was crying and he didn't want a photographer to snap a photo of me with running mascara.He asked why I was crying, I told him about the experience, he looked me in my eyes and said don't ever waste my time with filth, besides "your too pretty."Just remember that no matter the darkness of some, there are some who do serve as ra…

Looking Under the Hood

We  have spoken to several men in their mid 40's who are divorced and regret getting married or even having kids with their exes.Well, why? They said that if they had gotten past the blonde bombshell with size 0 frame and the plastic boobs. They would have chosen a women who is grounded.Here is their ideal mate:
A woman who is intelligent, frugal (some of these men are multi millionaires), wants to raise children as a unit. Many"pampered princesses" have multiple nannies and housekeepers and etc., etc.Highly intelligent and interesting, they don't want vapid women who are looking for a father figure to as one man would say " give them allowance." And they want some one who is naturally attracted to them because they like to have sex along with the children that they are calculating on getting child and spousal support.So women as you get primped and primed ready to swoon over you techie nerd who just sold his company for 250 million dollars, ready for the …

PR Firms Can Cost Brands Money

Week Two NYFW Women, here's are our observations:1. Brands need to keep a close eye on who they employ as PR agencies.2. Several times do to computer glitches, our company was invited to shows that we  RSVP to only to be rudely told "If you show up, you will be escorted out, you were never suppose to get an invite."3. If the Fashion GPS is sending out invites that is not on your clients list, get in touch with the IT people at the company that does the Fashion GPS. 4. Have Fashion GPS send out the email blast that there was a computer error. People understand computer errors, they have no tolerance for human meanness.5. The elite Fashion Days are over do to technology, every person is a customer and has the potential to take to social media and literally ruin a brand.6. Big and small PR firms need to keep this in mind because one firm actually did work for a dental group that I was referred to because of the PR firms treatment, I would never go to that dentist. So, not o…

NYFW Men Recap

Week One of NYFW completed! All we can say is thanks!The CFDA and the shows we went to did a great job in not only casting diverse models, but I did talk to a model who while on break had two croissants with protein.So kudos to CFDA for adhering to the rules in keeping models health a priority.Secondly, the crowd selected was a true artists crowd, which embraces everyone on every level. There were Instagramers, bloggers, ecommerce site owners, and traditional media  and traditional buyers for Brick and Mortar stores. There was a celebrity talking to a Instgrammer, a musician talking to a VP of Fashion at a major retailer.Men have embraced street style and have it to a science, just as women.The American Man theme was embraced, by all the shows.Suit Supply
Strong tailoring and use of chevron prints for wool blend suits were supreme. The Camel color mohair coat is a must have for the  fall/winter.Nick and Graham
The entire collection was great however, the elevated plaid suit based on n…

The Year of the Non Chase

Have you caught yourself reading every success oriented book about goals?Then in the process of achieving them finding yourself exhausted and burned out?You were chasing....I have come to realize that setting goals are great, but chasing things leaves your tired and lack of energy.In dating no one wants 120 text per day, same for achieving success, people who need your talent and skills will automatically show up in your life.Did you ever hear of someone in the public eye getting their big break by being in a store and meeting a director or in an airport and striking up a conversation with a stranger only to find out that they sit on the board of a company that you want to do business.It is all in timing and valuing yourself as a person not to chase things or people.Good breaks come when you planted good seeds and just let them take flight.Cheers to the non chase!!

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

It's Foodie Friday and it's also Super Bowl Sunday.So, how do you create a tasty and Healthy dishes? Here's what on the menu...1. Appetizers are:
Carrots with chick pea hummus.
Grilled Eggplant with 5 Spice Seasoning
Veggie potstickers2. Main Course
Vegan Chili
No cheese or sour cream
Black Bean Enchiladas with verde sauce
Herbed Quoina Salad3. Dessert
Lemon Hibiscus Ice Tea
Lemon with Artisanal Honey Whisky.Cheers to a great and Healthy Super Bowl party.

Fashion Week: Practice Makes Perfect

Congrats you got into the Instrgram pit! Should you post the first picture you take to Social Media?No, when I started out four years ago, I learned to take approximately 20 pictures or images for one item.Because you really never know what image would capture the best lighting and the best emotion when someone is looking at the image.Most professional photographers on any given shoot take up to 10,000 images for every one page of images. Or when you see Kendall Jenner in Vogue that photo was taken up to 10,000 times.Should you take 10,000 photos in the Instrgram Pit?No...But, taking a few images,  then posting to Instagram, would show case that
designer in the best possible way.Cheers to making the designers and the CFDA look the best!