Beauty Spot: RITUALS Cosmetics

We love good shower and bath products, because it is how we start our day next to prayer.

The company RITUALS is an amazing company that is rapidly expanding within the United States.

The reason why we love this company is the scents are amazing at a price point that every one can afford. During this weekend they had a promotion that there shower gel was 5.00 off, which is actually a shower mouse. We bought Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil, which is a great scent, plus we checked in via Facebook and got a trial size Orange and Cedar Wood Shower Oil, which is great travel size.

Whenever, you buy anything over 50.00 you get a deluxe candle set, which smells the equivalent of other high end brands that we covered previously.

The customer service is great and every one is asked if they would like a cup of tea.

Cheers to the next great thing in beauty!

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