Essential Skills for Fundraisers

Many people in all forms of non-profit and for-profit companies are required to raise funds, but there's way to get you more money than you imagine.

1. In both industries get to old fashioned cold calling, we were trained to do this in finance and it still serves me well.

2. As soon as finished your last sentence on the phone, start writing your e-mail with it was great speaking with you, reference specific points in the conversation that would trigger some one's memory.

3. People are very busy these days, so give it 72 hours after that move on, you should have a list of people or companies you want to target.

4. Get out an network, do things that you enjoy not who is going to be there. People go to some interesting places in spite of their profession and meet some influential people.

5. If you invited some one to an event and they couldn't attend then send them a thank you note with the next event date.

6. Don't over use your connections, people, no one likes to feel used. This is why joining other organizations in your industry and outside of your industry is so important.

7. People are more likely to help someone who is out there trying, than some one who solely depends on their board members, and funders for constant introductions.

8. Always be grateful, no one has to help you at all.

Cheers to successful fundraising!

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