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It is awards season and all of the presenters, guests, significant others will grace the red carpet with Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Marchessa, and H&M.

What...yes H & M a few years ago Helen Mirren showed up at the Oscars with an H&M dress, but with millions of dollars of jewelry.

Her statement with the H & M dress resignated through out the country.

Fast Forward 2016... I am looking for a cocktail dress Rent the Runway all booked up for dresses for an event. Other department stores no go at that price point.

I called up H&M and a customer service representative told me that there are personal shoppers who shop for their customers at one particular store in NYC.

So, if you have money for a personal shopper or stylist, H&M must be doing something right.

Stay tuned to see who will show up on the red carpet wearing H&M.

Cheers to Fashion at all points...

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