Fashion Spot: Colors vs. Price

There are certain colors you will always pay more for due to seasonality.

If you purchase corals, pinks, orange, baby blues, green white, and ivory in the winter months you will save 75% because of the season.

Anything of a gold, sequins, or metallic nature you will spend 80 percent less in the summer months.

We found out our theory by putting it to the test in July I bought a sliver metallic sweater for 6.00 originally 75.00, the same sweater during the Holiday Season was marked back up to original price.

Again another person bought a coral lace tunic during Black Friday for 20.00 now that Spring has Sprung it is the original price of 68.00.

There is one exception the Pantone colors of  the year, which will be discounted only by 10 percent.

So if you are a frugal shopper you may want to buy according to color and seasons.

Cheers to frugality according to colors.

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