Looking Under the Hood

We  have spoken to several men in their mid 40's who are divorced and regret getting married or even having kids with their exes.

Well, why? They said that if they had gotten past the blonde bombshell with size 0 frame and the plastic boobs. They would have chosen a women who is grounded.

Here is their ideal mate:
A woman who is intelligent, frugal (some of these men are multi millionaires), wants to raise children as a unit. Many"pampered princesses" have multiple nannies and housekeepers and etc., etc.

Highly intelligent and interesting, they don't want vapid women who are looking for a father figure to as one man would say " give them allowance." And they want some one who is naturally attracted to them because they like to have sex along with the children that they are calculating on getting child and spousal support.

So women as you get primped and primed ready to swoon over you techie nerd who just sold his company for 250 million dollars, ready for the kill. These men just may be on to your plan.

Cheers to authentic love!

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