PR Firms Can Cost Brands Money

Week Two NYFW Women, here's are our observations:

1. Brands need to keep a close eye on who they employ as PR agencies.

2. Several times do to computer glitches, our company was invited to shows that we  RSVP to only to be rudely told "If you show up, you will be escorted out, you were never suppose to get an invite."

3. If the Fashion GPS is sending out invites that is not on your clients list, get in touch with the IT people at the company that does the Fashion GPS.

4. Have Fashion GPS send out the email blast that there was a computer error. People understand computer errors, they have no tolerance for human meanness.

5. The elite Fashion Days are over do to technology, every person is a customer and has the potential to take to social media and literally ruin a brand.

6. Big and small PR firms need to keep this in mind because one firm actually did work for a dental group that I was referred to because of the PR firms treatment, I would never go to that dentist. So, not only did the original brand loose out,  but so did other clients from those PR firms.

7.PR is making your client look good in the best possible way to get them more money in terms of revenue and customers. It is not good when the PR firm themselves are generating bad publicity for their clients.

8. Fashion is high pressure having spent 14 years on Wall Street in equity, it's not that high stressful.

Cheers to rethinking Fashion Week!

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