The Shift Has Occurred!! Sports Illustrated

The beginning of 2000 there was a massive obesity epidemic. I unfortunately was a part of it at 310 and a size 26.

My life was miserable, that's when I got tired of being depressed, lonely, and just negative.

It took me two years all natural to shed the weight. I was feeling great until society told me a size 12 still is not good enough.

I found myself going back, praying if only I was a size zero. Until, I learned to accept myself and yes I watch what I eat, make certain that every thing is normal during my check ups.

But, for some in society I still was not a single digit, or that I had a broad nose, and without my denture I have a big space in between my teeth.

Until, as I began to wake up a bit, more women are a curvy size 12 like myself successful with boyfriends and husbands in loving relationships.

The utilmate is this issue 2016 of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, the cover is Ashley Graham a size 14/16 beauty.

She represents the average American woman who has natural curves is healthy, married, and has been a model for over 15 years.

So when you make a mental shift, you will notice how every thing around you begins to shift in your favor.

Cheers to making the Shift!

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